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SPIS, Inc.

Security, Protection, and Investigation Services
Atlanta, Georgia

The Company:

Security, Protection, Investigation Services, Incorporated, or simply referred to as "S.P.I.S., Inc.," is a full service company that offers services of the above mentioned title.

Our professional staff of investigators have years of experience from working in professions of law, law enforcement, computer technology, public service, retail management, loss prevention, education, and more. 

We are an experienced crew of agents capable of handling most cases involving our expertise, as well as having adequate resources to handle others. 

Our goal, as previously mentioned, is to render the best service possible to obtain the most accurate results for each client and case.
The President/CEO:

Glenn E. Cummings, President/CEO, founded S.P.I.S., Inc. and offers a more versatile approach towards security and investigative services. 

His past experience spans over two decades of service ranging from United States Military (Navy), Law Enforcement, and Corporate Management.  He is committed to excellence by providing the best service possible while demanding professionalism amongst his staff. 

His entire life has been structured with values and discipline, and he carries that structure into this company.  The "Bar" of good and absolute service is extremely high within this company, and our president would not have it any other way.  He demands no less than 100% in all investigative and security assignments. 

Mr. Cummings is also committed to hiring the best staff possible to service your business.  He truly feels that experience, along with professionalism, is the key to success. 
Glenn E. Cummings' Personal Experience:
United States Navy: Law Enforcement: United States Army
National Guard:
Enlisted Petty Officer Patrolman
Military Police Officer
Shore Patrol Officer
(Military Police)
Task Force Team Leader
Quick Response Mobilization
First Response Team Leader Correctional Officer Terrorist Defense
Fire Fighter
(Access and Overhaul)

Corporate Retail Management:
(Home Depot)



Assistant Store Manager Hand to Hand Combat Narcotics
Interview/Interrogation Techniques Firearms Homicide
Loss Prevention Robbery Burglary
Theft Equipment Specialist
Fraud Resource/Research Specialist Rape

As mentioned, our president is committed to excellence by providing experience to meet the demands of every client and every case.  Please contact us to service your needs.

Security, Protection, Investigation Services - SPIS, Inc.
P.O. Box 310387 - Atlanta, Georgia 31131
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