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Security Services: S.P.I.S., Incorporated provides both private security and corporate security for various large and small businesses. As one of the leading security companies in the Atlanta, Georgia area, we also provide personal protection for individuals as well as property protection services. 

Security Services: Atlanta, Georgia

Private Protection Services
Corporate Security Atlanta
Personal Security Services
Professional Security Services
Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

Atlanta, Georgia area
Statewide Security Services: Georgia

Our Atlanta, Georgia staff of fully trained security officers can work in the following capacities of security enforcement, but are not limited to:

Uniform Security

Armed Uniformed Security

Private Security

(After Hour Guard)
Watchman/Security Guards Executive Protection Loss Prevention
Corporate Security
(Overt/In Houses)
Corporate Security
(Overt/In House)
Property Protection Threat Assessment
Private Security (Protection)   Transportation
Work-Place Violence
Escort Security (Property)

Business Audits

Witness Protection Interviews and Interrogations
Security Consulting Employee Performance
Inmate Protection  

Loss Prevention

Secret Shops

Covert Security
(Plain Clothes)


Employee Theft Customer Service    
Corporate Espionage      
Currently, America's citizens are in danger of unforeseen attacks on our daily ways of living.  Security protection and enforcement in America is not only essential, but it is extremely important that the quality of workmanship provided by security organizations are in line with current situations. 

The goal of this Atlanta, Georgia security company is to provide full service security and protection for all clients and their property.  Our security officers accept and fully understand their roles as security agents and the importance of being a professional, loyal serviceman.

From the beginning to the end of each assignment, we will always serve in the highest regard.  We will render results while serving you with honor, loyalty and trust.  Our clients deserve nothing less. Contact Us Today!

 Security Services | Protection | Investigation

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