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SPIS, Inc.

Security, Protection and Investigation Services
Atlanta, Georgia

S.P.I.S., Incorporated is a fully licensed and insured company that specializes in:
Security, Protection, and Investigation Services

Security Companies: Atlanta, Georgia

Tracking Services: Atlanta

Protection Services: Georgia

Corporate Investigations: Atlanta, Georgia

S.P.I.S., Incorporated has over 20 years of experience from areas of Judicial Law, Law Enforcement, United States Military, Loss Prevention, and Business Management.  We provide service within the great state of Georgia and our goal is to provide the best service possible within our specialized profession. 

GPS Services: Atlanta, Georgia

Technology, as well as reputation, plays the ultimate role in decision making of the consumers.  Within the field of investigation, there is no difference. 

Professionalism, Experience and Solid Results equal Success. 

Our clients depend on accurate results and deserve complete attention with each case.  Our commitment to each client is of excellence.  This excellence is derived from professional and loyal servicemen who are trained and experienced in our profession.  

We are a company of tradition focused to serve our clients in the highest regard.  Our guarantee of success is to acknowledge the fact that, "We are proud of S.P.I.S., Incorporated, and we will provide confidential services with impeccable results."

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Security, Protection, Investigation Services - SPIS, Inc.
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